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          1. Contact:Li Yange:

          2. Contact:Cai Zhuang:

          3. Tel:+86-516-88606028

          4. Xinyi Yongcheng Chemical Co., Ltd.(Xinyi Huili Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.) is the high-tech enterprise which engaging mainly on producing fine chemical products. The company's technical force is very rich. It lies in the interjunction of Beijing-Shanghai expressway and Huo-Lian expressway, and the Xinyi city is one of the most important traffic hinges of East China. The DongLonghai Railway and the majority pathway from the Northeast to the Changjiang Delta cross and form a "cross" within the border; the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and Xindai Canal run through east and west; There has the Baitabu Airport in the east, the Guanyin Airport in the west and the Linyi Airport in the north, all of them are about 60 kilometers from Xinyi and they all interlink with expressways; therefore the transportation here around the company is very convenient.

            Our company wishes to develop the international and domestic chemical market with the masses of old and new customers together on the equal and mutually beneficial basis. With the frank and friendly attitude, we will welcome the traders at home and abroad to consult, negotiate, invest and cooperate with us based on mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit in order to seek mutual development.